Małgosia was born prematurely weighing only 1800 grams. She had an enlarged heart, liver and spleen, thrombocytopenia, anemia, respiratory failure and hypoglycaemia. These were the symptoms of cytomegalovirus (CMV). The doctors did not give her too many chances to survive. However, slowly, step by step, all these symptoms were overcome through blood transfusions, drug administration and appropriate care. Cytomegalovirus treatment was also possible through intravenous administration of the drug for 6 weeks at the Children's Health Center in Warsaw. However, the damages caused by this virus in fetal life turned out to be irreversible.

Małgosia who is already 4 years old, cannot walk yet, does not speak, has a hearing loss in one ear and a vision defect. She has had intensive physiotherapy since she was two months old when she left hospital. She is under the care of a neurologist, ophthalmologist, audiologist, cardiologist, orthopedist and urologist. Małgosia is provided with vision therapy, Sensory Integration (SI) classes, classes with a psychologist, speech therapist, as well as hippotherapy and hydrotherapy.


Małgosia is a very cheerful girl, she often smiles, as if to say: "Life was worth winning!" Although I'm different and struggle with many difficulties, I'm happy and like other children, I have my favorite toys, cartoons, songs, dishes I love to eat and those I do not like, I have my better and worse days, but I never give up because I know that thanks to daily physiotherapy I will be able to take my first steps. "

There is a chance for Małgosia to start walking, talking, playing and learning like other children.

Stem cell therapy is effective in the treatment of neurological diseases in children such as Małgosia.


We have already completed the qualification process and this wonderful message that gives us the best chance: the Bioethical Commission has agreed to give stem cells to Małgosia.


Małgosia could be given stem cells taken from the so-called Wharton jelly (a cell that fills the cord of the umbilical cord). They have the ability to transform into many types of cells and tissues, including nerve, bone or cartilage cells. They rebuild or replace damaged cells. Cells would be prepared at the Polish Stem Cell Bank in Warsaw.


As now there is hope that Małgosia will be fit, we want to do everything to ensure that this opportunity is not lost.


Stem cell transplant is still in the experimental phase in Poland and is not refunded by theNational Health service

Therefore, we turn to all people with a good heart for financial support in order to raise funds for the treatment of our daughter. Below there is a link to the fundraising organized by the SiePomaga Foundation: